10 Things to bring when you Move to a Condo in Singapore

Ready for your new condo launch? When we’re moving to a new property, we are more than excited. We have everything ready, all packed, prepared to drive to the new place! Of course, need to bring very basic and essential things, but more than anything, it is relevant to remember one key point: a smile!

Now, moving forward, let’s see a brief list of 10 things we must bring whenever we are about to enjoy a New condo launch! Avoid lacking anything and have fun:

  1. Clean the toilet. Even if we are too apprehensive to change the toilet seat, easy and cheap. A good cleaning of toilet secures our quietest in a house where we felt a little strange.
  2. Change the locks. This long as we allow the owner if the house is for rent. Friends or enemies that would have the former tenant never know. With the locks changed, we will feel calmer.
  3. Clean the entire house before you move. Surely, the old home or business tenant will certainly clean, but it is always better to bring our cleaning products to which we are accustomed. This will allow you to ensure impeccable results and will help you feel comfortable.
  4. Painting the house before taking the furniture. If the landlord allows us and we can paint the house, it would be good if we painted the house before taking all our stuff, thus the task of painting becomes much easier.
  5. Toilet rolls out. It seems silly but, how you’re going to clean a new house without nothing?
  6. Take pictures of any tiny damage. This serves to both the tenant and the owner of the house. Take some pictures of any damage, it will avoid problems tomorrow.
  7. The first box we carry is full of personal accessories. If the move certainly takes a couple of days, you may want to stay in the new house, bring hand towels, toothbrush, gel, shampoo and all personal accessories. Yes, it is advisable to take one of the first cases to the new house with all the accessories.
  8. Bring some fast food. Since we have nothing in the kitchen, a pizza or some fast food will be more than good.
  9. Install a shower curtain. Can you imagine after all day of moving, cleaning, sweating and you go to take a shower and you realize you’re going to flood the whole bathroom?
  10. Bring clean sheets. Sure we get all the clothes you need to dress the beds, but you know they are safe? Unpack the sheets and bedclothes and leaving them on the bed guarantees you will sleep on top of clean clothes.

The above were just 10 things that will be more than useful when moving to a new condo in Singapore and enjoying your New ​Condo Launch. And you, what do you think? Do you have something else to do important when you move into a house?

Who will be responsible for transportation for New ​Condo Launch?

Apart from the above, once you have all well defined, determine who will be transporting everything to your new home. Yes, it is necessary to determine who will be helping out. It is recommended to start planning four or five weeks before the event. Thus, in order to find information about moving companies: what services they offer, guarantees and, above all, prices, start searching online and narrow down your options.

Good news is, there are moving companies that, in addition to the transportation of all utensils, offer the service of packaging. They will one day prior to your home and take care of absolutely everything packed. Begin now!